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Facebook is a exciting place to hook up with your loved and dear ones. It offers very good experience to meet up with different people and get to know them. However if you are not fully prepared and protected you can easily land up with several issues like you can get your Facebook account hacked or your system may become corrupted due to the Facebook viruses that lurk there. So you need to be prepared in advance before you get into some problem for Facebook.

Facebook viruses are very intricate piece of course and no matter how much well-versed you are in computers they missed to leak into your system, if you’re not careful enough. In certain circumstances it may leave your Facebook account vulnerable to hackers, and eventually may lead to hacking of FB account. One of the surplus measures that one may take is to use a reputable antivirus program on the system. Try to ensure that you are updating your anti-malware program on daily basis and are having latest virus database definitions. No matter how much alert you are, the Facebook Trojan viruses may still in fact your system, even your firewall may not block it completely. If you are a avid Facebook users, then you should make it a routine to scan your system on daily basis after using Facebook.

Videos are one of the most common features of Facebook and people are usually found of sharing videos on Facebook more than often. Most of the videos on Facebook nowadays are bogus and they have a wire is attached to it. Sometimes while playing a video you are asked to install a plug-in on your browser in order to watch the video, and was a user installs a plug-in on his/her browser, he is infected. Sometimes clicking on a video link may redirect you to and infected website, where ultimately you may get infected.

Facebook is also known for millions of free applications that are available on it. Most of the applications on Facebook are malicious and are run by hackers. Hence before installing any application on your Facebook profile, make sure that it is authentic. A risky Facebook application may compromise your Facebook account and in some cases your Facebook account may get hacked. Most of the teenagers while using Facebook to upload their personal pics and download other sorts of stuff from Facebook may also get infected. Has it is advisable to make sure that you are not downloading any suspicious file from their.

Many Facebook viruses and Worms are safe like Koobface worm. Some Facebook Trojan viruses are dangerous and hence the need to be remote from the system. A good antivirus program can easily quarantine any vicious Facebook virus. Another way to handle such a situation is in case you are not able to completely remove the virus from the system, then you may need to clean your Windows registries. It is recommended to take a clean backup of your system or create a restore point before attempting any such thing, so that just in case if anything goes wrong, you can revert back to your earlier profile. There are many free registry cleaners available on the Internet, you can download any one of them for that purpose.

In order to protect your Facebook accounts from getting hacked kindly make sure that you do not share your personal details info or anything pertaining to you with any stranger on the Internet. Also avoid downloading any unknown stuff from the Facebook in order to make your Facebook experience more charming and wonderful.